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Technical Advisory for Talimarjan Power Complex Privatisation

Client: Mubadala
Country: Uzbekistan
Start Date: 07 / 2020
End Date: Ongoing

Talimarjan Power Complex privatization is the first major power sector privatisation project in Uzbekistan. Fichtner GmbH and Juru were selected as a technical advisor on behalf of the buyer Mubadala to carry out technical due diligence (TDD) of the complex and provide technical advisory during the tender phase of a new power unit. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Juru played an essential role in organization of virtual site-visits, data collection, technical due diligence on the site. The main activities performed was to provide technical analysis on splitting the existing Power Plant Complex into 3 main entities for future transaction: TPP0 – a gas fired steam turbine power plant with 800 MW capacity; TPP1 - 900 MW gas-fired combined-cycle gas and steam turbine power plant; and SF – shared facilities that supply both power plants.

Juru is supporting the transaction for the following services:

Services provided:

  • Asset carve out
    • Assisting in the acquisition and restructuring of the management and operation/maintenance (O&M) and associated systems;
    • Support to the identification and documentation of supply and battery limits for each power plant project, and between the power plants and the common (shared) facilities.
  • O&M data collection and optimization
    • Obtain past 3-5 years data & reports for: technical performance and O&M activities;
    • Obtain OM procedures & plant design docs such as build & modification docs;
    • Obtain all the inventory level on the plant and critical spare part with a shelf life;
    • Submit O&M organization cost to O&M Budgeting Team.
  • Environmental and permitting services
    • Develop a list of permits and licenses and establish which permits and licenses have to be obtained for appropriate privatization transaction;
    • Review the existing EIA and the expected environmental performance of the project (air quality, CO2 emissions, solid and aqueous wastes, noise, visual and social impact, environmental management procedures to be applied during construction and operation).

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