#Power Generation

Support for the Implementation of Wind Auctions in Uzbekistan

Country: Uzbekistan
Client: EBRD
Year: 2019 / Ongoing

The key objectives of the overall assignment:

  • Site selection and assessment: Review existing materials on potential project sites and wind measurement studies in Uzbekistan and advise on any gaps that need to be addressed for selecting a site that will be subject to a tender for 100-200 MW wind park.
  • Legal & regulatory framework: Develop a detailed design for a competitive bidding process for a wind power tender, accounting for current arrangements, RE targets and market context.
  • Tender documents for wind project auction: Prepare all the tender related documentation required for the deployment of a competitive procurement scheme for selected wind projects.
  • Implementation of wind auction: Provide detailed technical, financial and legal assistance to the Authorities for the implementation of the competitive procurement scheme.
  • Framework for future competitive procurement schemes: Advise on the design of a competitive procurement scheme.

Services provided:

  • Project and stakeholder management activities in Uzbekistan;
  • Perform technical (including conceptual wind farm design), environmental and social feasibility assessment of the selected site in the Karakalpak region;
  • Perform more detailed assessment of the selected site including: Geotechnical investigation, Grid impact study, Permitting, Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Support structuring of the transaction;
  • Support preparation of minimum technical specifications, technical appendices schedules or drafting of RFQ and RFP package including bid evaluation criteria;
  • Support the prequalification, bid evaluation, negotiation and financial closure.

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