#Power Generation

Samarkand Solar Power Project

Country: Uzbekistan
Client: Asian Development Bank
Year: 2015 / Completed

The Assignment has three main components: (i) project management and supervision services for the construction of a 100 MWe grid-connected crystalline silicon PV power plant with fixed tilt assembly including 110 kV transmission and support facilities in Samarkand, Uzbekistan; (ii) institutional capacity development for the state owned electricity monopoly Uzbekenergo, and, (iii) institutional capacity development for solar energy stakeholders in Uzbekistan.

Due to the change of priorities of GoU, the project was cancelled/put on hold. Therefore, Consultant’s services were fulfilled only partially vs the original TOR, as elaborated below.

Services provided:

  • Conducted the Inception Mission and prepared the Project Implementation Plan;
  • Prepared the revised draft DBO (Design, Build, Operate) contract;
  • Assisted the Client in negotiating and the award of the DBO contract;
  • Supported the PMU in preparation and submission of environmental and social monitoring report as per ADB requirements;
  • Conducted extensive stakeholder consultation and capacity needs assessment for capacity building component;
  • Prepared extensive Capacity Development Plan with USD 2mln budget (excluding budget for key expert resource personnel).

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