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RE Development - Preparation of FS and Bidding Docs for 20 MW Naghlu PV Project

Client: Asian Development Bank
Country: Afghanistan
Start Date: 11 / 2016
End Date: 08 / 2017

The project envisages conducting technical due diligence of existing studies and power development plans, extensive site identification and selection exercise and developing feasibility study for 20 MW Naghlu solar PV power plant with 20 MVA transformer and support facilities. The project also involves preparation of bidding documents for a procurement of Design, Build, and Operate (DBO) contractor. The Executing Agency (EA) is Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) – Afghan Power Utility supported by the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW). Initial scope of the project was a much larger 5x20 MW solar park. However, after extensive site visits and consultations with project stakeholders, and due to difficulty of identifying a suitable site of ca.300 ha, it was decided to develop the 20 MW PV plant at Surobi district.

Services provided:

  • Due diligence of existing network studies and power development plans
  • Prepare Naghlu 20MW Solar PV power plant feasibility study
    • Conduct extensive site surveys, identify sites, and a final site selection for the envisaged PV plant
    • Prepare project scope and configuration
    • Develop PV plant conceptual system design and design criteria, incl. viable options for grid connection, transmission systems, and related auxiliary and support facilities
    • Develop the grid integration design for the PV plant
    • Conduct/build upon existing grid impact and network analyses, and synchronization analysis of the planned PV plant and provide input to required grid strengthening requirements
    • Assess and identify viable solar irradiation data source for the envisaged site
    • Perform PV energy yield estimation
    • Prepare detailed cost estimates for solar PV plant, incl. capital expenditure for PV plant system components and operational expenditure for O&M period
  • Produce technical specifications and required drawings of the solar PV plant, incl. associated systems and structures
  • Prepare project procurement plan and bidding documents in accordance with ADB’s Procurement Guidelines (2015):
    • Assess procurement capacity of DABS, and recommend revisions to PCA (Procurement Capacity Assessment) document
    • Develop procurement plan
    • Draft and finalize bidding documents and DBO contract

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