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Preparing the Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development

Client: Government of Maldives
Country: Maldives
Start Date: 12 / 2015
End Date: 12 / 2019

Preparing the Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development project (the “POISED Project”) envisages design and installation of a total of ca. 25.1 MW of solar rooftop PV plants, 7.6 MWh of energy storage, and 43.9 MW diesel generator sets (the “Hybrid Systems”) in up to 170 islands.  The Project also envisages upgrade of distribution mini-grids in these islands. The Project envisages implementation in FOUR different phases.

Consultant’s scope: preparation of feasibility studies; preparation of tendering documents; tendering support; design review; site supervision; commissioning support; and O&M capacity building.

Services provided:

  • Feasibility studies for each island including power system design (solar PV, energy storage and management, control systems, diesel generation, grid upgrades, etc.)
  • Preparation of bid documents (starting with Phase 2), bid process management, and evaluation support for award of contract
  • Review and approval of the system design submitted by EPC Contractors in line with relevant international best practices
  • Project management and supervision
  • Overseeing commissioning
  • Quality assurance
  • Contract management
  • O&M capacity building and training Client staff

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