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Mubarek CHP Modernisation Project

Client: Sargent & Lundy
Country: Uzbekistan
Start Date: 03 / 2020
End Date: 12 / 2020

The Ministry of Energy, the Korean Energy Agency (KEA) and the Korean company SK Engineering & Construction (SK E&C) signed an MoU to develop a feasibility study for the modernization of the existing Mubarek CHP in Uzbekistan. SK Engineering contracted Sargent & Lundy (S&L), engineering consulting firm located in Chicago, USA to perform the following services:


  • Technical Due Diligence of existing CHP;
  • Geotechnical Surveying;
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment;
  • Technical feasibility study;
  • Additional technical support for execution of OEM and EPC contracts.

Following below is the list of services provided by Juru.

Services provided:

  • Walkdown of various systems equipment per the survey questionnaire
  • Specific data gathering per (SLD’s, schedules, O&M initiatives records, drawings, photos, etc)
  • Interviews with plant manager, operations managers, and other plant staff
  • Field Survey Summary Report

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