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Intersectoral Energy Saving Fund

Client: World Bank
Country: Uzbekistan
Start Date: 01 / 2021
End Date: ongoing

The GoU has passed a resolution to establish the Intersectoral Energy Saving Fund (the Fund). The main purpose of the Fund is to attract and finance investments in the implementation of EE projects in the economy and social spheres, as well as in the households. The Fund is expected to use a wide range of financing mechanisms and provide technical assistance to scale up the implementation of EE projects. The scope of work includes:

  • Assessment of a number of local industries to focus on financing EE measures;
  • Assessment of public funds flow for energy bills;
  • Development of payback mechanism based on energy cost savings.

Services provided:

  • Support in the development of market data through assessment of various target sectors of the Fund:
    • Review of current legislative norms, existing programs, initiatives and projects in the EE field
    • Estimation of the market size for implementation of the EE measures of various industries, including: large industry (SOEs and private sector), SMEs, public, residential and commercial buildings, EE equipment manufacturing, ESCOs, and transportation
    • Provide recommendations on needed changes to the existing regulations, legislation, rules and procedures
    • Provide assessment of operation mechanisms of existing international EE Funds and to provide recommendations on operation mechanisms of the Uzbekistani EE Fund
    • Provide recommendation on the types of financial products the Fund could offer
  • Support in the development of the sustainable EE financing scheme in social sector buildings:
    • Review of the annual budgeting mechanism and its implementation in social sector (schools, pre-schools and hospitals)
    • Legal and financial analysis of budgeting energy/utility services expenses in social sector in terms of introducing a new budget item under CAPEX or OPEX, which can be directly returned through energy savings
    • Develop a payback mechanism for investment in public sector EE measures through energy savings to Energy Savings Fund for future investments
    • Consultations with key stakeholders (Ministry of Finance, EE Fund etc.) on the payback mechanism

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