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Feasibility Study and Tender Documents for SCADA/EMS/RTU and Telecommunications for National Dispatch Centre of Uzbekistan

Client: Uzbekistan National Power Networks (NEGU)
Country: Uzbekistan
Start Date: 10 / 2020
End Date: ongoing

The GoU recently adopted “Comprehensive program of digitalization of electric energy sector of Uzbekistan”. As part of this initiative, NEGU plans to introduce new SCADA/EMS for NEGU’s central and regional control centres (NDC/RDC) and install RTUs in key transmission substations and power plants. The assignment involves undertaking needs assessment, completion of conceptual design, development of international and national feasibility studies (FS), development of tender documents for SCADA/EMS/RTU and Telecommunications systems as well as assistance in vendors’ bid evaluation process. As part of the project, NEGU also plans to relocate National Dispatch Centre to a new location.

Juru will collaborate with consortium partners to produce the following below:

Services provided:

  • Assess current conditions and future needs:
    • Undertake comprehensive assessment (both technical and financial) of current and future needs of NEGU's central and regional dispatch centres
    • Develop recommendations on the new functionality, hardware and software, including the outline of requirements for providing a comprehensive SCADA/EMS/RTU/Telecommunications solutions
  • Support in development of requirements for the new National Dispatch Centre building:
    • Collect relevant building codes and review building drawings prepared by local design company
    • Support partner civil engineer for the development of requirements as per international standards
  • Develop National Feasibility Study:
    • Develop National FS for the upgrade of SCADA/EMS/RTU/Telecommunications for NEGU including developing the list of all necessary hardware/software, and development of the project procurement plan according to the local requirements
    • Develop preliminary ESIA as per national requirements
  • Support development of International Feasibility Study:
    • Review and propose modifications of International FS
    • Develop preliminary ESIA as per WB requirements
  • Develop bidding documents and support tender process for the proposed system:
    • Support the Client for bids evaluation, contract negotiations and contract award for the implementation of SCADA/EMS/RTU and Telecommunications and Project Completion

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