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ACWA Bash and Dzhankeldy Wind Farms - Power Evacuation & Grid Compliance Studies, EIF Design

Client: ACWA
Country: Uzbekistan
Start Date: 03 / 2021
End Date: ongoing

ACWA Power signed an investment agreement with the MoE to design, finance, build and operate two Wind Farms in Bukhara region, Uzbekistan – Bash WPP and Dzhankeldy WPP with a total installed capacity of 850-1000 MW. Project will be implemented according to the Presidential decrees #PP-5001 and #PP-5003 from February 23, 2021. The proposed project site of Bash WPP is located approximately 30 km west of Kokcha. The area of the land plot being considered for the WPP development spans approximately 19 km from north to south and 11km from east to west. The proposed project site of Dzhankeldy WPP is located approximately 7 km west of Ayakguzhumdy.  

Within the framework of Bash and Dzhankeldy Wind Farms, Juru is hired by ACWA to conduct Power Evacuation & Grid Compliance Studies along with Electrical Interconnection Facility (EIF) Design and provide support in obtaining necessary permissions from national TSO to interconnect wind farm to the grid (Technical conditions for interconnection).

Services provided:

  • Defining Study conditions:
    • Refine demand and generation growth forecast
    • Validate assumptions for the list of committed generation and transmission expansion projects/ generation decommissioning plan
    • Upgrade transmission model in DigSilent Power Factory for the Studies
    • Develop and approve ToR for the Studies with the Client and NEGU
  • Selection of interconnection option and conducting Steady – State Studies:
    • Evaluation and shortlisting of interconnection options (2 -3)
    • Load flow analysis
    • Contingency analysis
    • Voltage sensitivity analysis
    • Reactive power compensation study for basic and optional cosphi envelope against grid requirements
    • Placement of Shunt reactors
    • Fault and short circuit ratio calculation analysis
    • Presentation of the Study findings to the Client and NEGU and selection of single interconnection option
  • Grid Compliance Studies for the selected connection scheme:
    • Transient Studies (Voltage and frequency ride through capability assessment for different types [type 3 and type 4] of WTG)
    • Power Quality Analysis (Harmonic and flicker studies)
  • Stability studies:
    • Transfer capacity analysis for bottleneck interconnections in NW and SW power areas of UZB power system after interconnection of concerned wind farms
    • Analysis of WF impact on the system dynamic stability and selection of Emergency Control Automation (ECA) functions
  • EIF Conceptual Design:
    • Development of SLD and BoQ for 500 kV Bash and Dzhankeldy AIS
    • Development of Bash switchyard solution to factor in possible project delays and possibility of independent projects implementation
    • Development of relay protection (RP) principles and SLD
    • Development of telecommunication architecture concept for transfer of command and signals to national control center, signal exchange between RP and ECA equipment
    • Development of ECA SLD
  • Support in development and approval of Technical Conditions for interconnection of WF

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