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ACWA 300-500 MW Dzhankeldy Wind Energy Project – ESIA and LRP

Client: ACWA
Country: Uzbekistan
Start Date: 03 / 2021
End Date: ongoing

As part of the Uzbekistan 2030 Energy Strategy, ACWA Power has signed an implementation agreement with the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan for developing, building and operating a 500MW Wind Farm in Dzhankeldy (the Project) on two adjacent plots of land in Peshku District.

ACWA Power has entered into a 25-year PPA with NEGU. The Project will include the development financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the Wind Farm including up to 125 wind turbine generators (WTGs) and wind farm electrical substations.

The Project scope also includes development, financing, construction and transfer of the Purchaser Electrical Facilities (OHTL and common electrical facilities shared with Bash 500MW Wind Farm, switchyard (with transformers) or 500/220 kV pooling station).

All of these make the Project technically one of the most complex in Uzbekistan power system. Juru worked with the lead partner to undertake ESIA and LRP based on lenders’ requirements (MIGA, EBRD, DEG).

Services provided:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
    • Baseline report of technical studies, including air monitoring, noise monitoring, air quality modelling based on local standards/limits, full chemical analysis of soil quality, critical habitat assessment according to IFC PS6 (biodiversity surveys, bird survey, reptile survey, mammal survey, botanical/habitat survey, invertebrates survey, bat static detector survey, bat roost search, local and international stakeholders consultations), archaeological and cultural heritage study, social economic study, regulatory review.
    • Organization of public consultations and disclosure meetings
    • Application for National EIA (Preliminary Statement of the Environmental Impact)
    • National EIA Statement for Submission (this includes the stage 3 of Submission stage)
    • Support approval of the National EIA Statement
    • Support lead Consultant in submission of ESIA to lenders and addressing their comments
  • Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP)
    • Perform gap analysis between national and lender’s requirements
    • Conduct socio economic survey of PAPs
    • Stakeholders consultations
    • Identify land requirements and impact assessment
    • Inventory and valuation of property losses
    • Calculation of compensation for identified assets
    • Preparation of compensation package for PAPs based on Uzbek and lenders’ requirements
    • Identify stakeholders responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the LRP
    • Information disclosure, consultations and participation

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