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500 MW Zarafshan Wind Power Project – Preliminary Geotechnical Investigations (Phase II)

Client: Masdar
Country: Uzbekistan
Start Date: 07 / 2019
End Date: 10 / 2020

In July 2019, Masdar has signed a PPA with NEGU to design, finance, build and operate a 500 MW wind farm project, which will be located in the Zarafshan district of the Navoi Region. Commercial operation is expected to be achieved in 2024. As part of the project development activities, Masdar contracted Juru to conduct preliminary ground investigations according to American Standards (ASTM). During the initial phase, the project area was limited to 200 MW wind power plant development, but later the area was increased to accommodate 500 MW wind farm. Juru conducted geotechnical investigations at the land plot allocated later for the second phase.

Services provided:

  • Performed drilling works at 10 points on rocky ground with depth up to 15 meters
  • 10 trial pits with depth 2-4 meters depth, 10 MASW tests
  • ERT and TRT tests at 10 boreholes
  • Laboratory tests to identify physical and chemical properties of ground up to 15 meters
  • All site and laboratory work done in combination of GOST (local) and ASTM standards

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