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100MW Nur Navoi Solar Project - Power Evacuation Studies

Client: MASDAR / GOPA-intec
Country: Uzbekistan
Start Date: 01 / 2020
End Date: 09 / 2020

100 MW Nur Navoi Solar Project is Uzbekistan’s first PPP solar project under the IFC Scaling Solar program. The Client signed the PPA with the National Electrical Grid of Uzbekistan (NEGU), to design, construct, finance, own, operate and maintain the 100 MW solar PV plant in in Karmana District in Navoi region, Uzbekistan. The Client was required to undertake Power Evacuation Study to receive Technical Condition for the connection to the grid. Juru was hired by Masdar through intec to perform the PES.

Services provided:

  • Development of ToR and facilitate its approval by the National Grid Operator (NEGU)
  • Upgrade of the transmission grid model to include planned changes in the grid and adapt the load profile to the Solar power generation profile
  • Perform steady-state analysis including load flow, short-circuit, N-1 contingency
  • Conceptual design of the power evacuation infrastructure (AIS electrical connection scheme, SLD, layout)
  • Develop interconnection concept for the selected option
  • Preliminary static stability analysis
  • Develop principles for protection, automation and telemetry for dispatching purposes
  • Develop line(s) routing for the selected option
  • Prepare Bill of Quantities
  • Perform high level Cost Estimates for selected connection arrangements
  • Support NEGU in preparation of Technical Conditions for the SPPP interconnection to the grid

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