Live Session on Juru's past, present and future

#Blog July 09, 2022

Live Session on Juru's past, present and future

On July 8, Juru is marking its 7th anniversary. During this period, we had the privilege to work on more than 80 assignments across 9 different countries. To date, Juru has grown into the largest independent energy and sustainability consultancy in Central Asia with unique expertise and capabilities, and over 70 in-house specialists.

On the occasion of the company's 7th year anniversary, we held a live session on Juru’s past, present and future. During this live event, we had an opportunity to tell the history of Juru and answer questions from young people on career in the field of Technical Advisory.

Live session is availiable via link.

Botir Gafurov

Botir Gafurov Managing Director

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