Juru’s Website is Live!

#Blog July 07, 2020

Juru’s Website is Live!


I am very pleased to announce that Juru’s website went live as of today. The launch date is not a coincidence; it is a small present to company clients, staff and career candidates on the eve of company’s 5-year anniversary!

We got started with the website back in 2017(!) and it took us a while to understand which direction the company was taking and consequently how we wanted to design the website. I had no appetite to put in public domain a half-baked website. At the beginning of 2020, Juru’s strategic choices for the next five years became clearer and this helped us to finalise the website design and content relatively “quickly”. Certain website content - projects, news and, to some extent, careers pages - are still being updated and this will be completed in the next few weeks. There are some minor issues here there that we are aware of, which we will take care soon too. Any feedback is welcome!

Botir Gafurov

Botir Gafurov Managing Director

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