Juru is Five Year’s Old!

#Blog July 08, 2020

Juru is Five Year’s Old!

Five years ago, today I have formally started Juru in the UK and, few months later, in Uzbekistan. During this period, the firm grew steadily from a one-man band to a 30-strong (and growing…) people today. Our Uzbekistan office managed to build a strong reputation in Central Asia for successfully delivering energy sector projects in the region. Over this period, we worked on assignments that e.g. in Cambodia fetched the lowest auctioned tariff for solar PV in ASEAN countries as of September 2019; studied RE grid integration issues for Kazakh transmission system operator which resulted in the state program to increase RE penetration; studied distributed solar potential in Uzbekistan; etc.  All in all, we have worked on more than 30 assignments during this time.

Juru is built around its clients and employees. Therefore, I am grateful to our clients for giving us a chance to show what we can do. Likewise, I am grateful to our staff for their commitment to the cause.

Thank you all. I hereby give start to the next chapter in the company’s life!

Botir Gafurov

Botir Gafurov Managing Director

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