Power Generation

We perform engineering studies and undertake design & supervision of power generation projects covering all major technologies.

Although renewables have gained a significant traction in recent years, power generation from conventional sources such as gas continues to provide a significant share of electricity production in some of the countries we operate. Modern gas plants need to be designed to be as efficient and clean as possible. Going forward, their business case will increasingly depend on being able to provide services to support a much higher level of renewables in the electricity system.

Investment in renewable energy continues to grow as efficiency gains drive down costs and governments provide incentives. Investors are increasingly taking a longer-term view while global industries see climate change as a crucial investment criterion.

On the other hand, hydropower is one of the few forms of generation with the flexibility to meet diverse operational requirements, enhance system security and stability and integrate with other renewables. Some of the countries where we worked are blessed with abundant hydropower resources.

At Juru, we provide uncompromised support during the development and implementation process for all the key power generation technologies and aim be a technology & engineering partner you can trust. Since our foundation, we have worked on a number of high-profile international power projects in Central Asian and South East Asia. We have expertise in the following key technologies:

 Where appropriate, we use industry standard software packages to support our capabilities.

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