Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems

The term ‘hybrid power systems” typically refers to systems that combine RE with conventional generation system such as diesel generators. Such systems use various enabling technologies to overcome the difficulties associated with intermittency of RE and allow the RE generation to be smoothly integrated into diesel power systems. Based on the level of RE integration, hybrid systems are classified as low, medium or high penetration systems. Hybrid systems can be standalone off-grid or grid-tied systems.

The possible configurations of hybrid systems are manifold due to the variety of RE sources and existing enabling technologies. The likely configurations depend on the availability of RE resources and corresponding power generation patterns. In many cases, the available RE resources (e.g. solar and wind) and power generation patterns do not significantly differ and therefore it is more economical and technically sensible to design the system with a single RE technology combined with storage and/or diesel gensets. We have the necessary expertise with various hybrid systems.

Key services

  • Study of possible RE technologies and hybrid system configuration
  • Hybrid system design for low, medium or high RE penetration
  • Calculation of diesel fuel savings
  • Conceptual design
  • Yield modelling and costing
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Tendering support for EPC
  • Basic and detailed design development & design adaptation support
  • Construction supervision
  • O&M support

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