We perform E&S due diligences, scoping and full studies, and strategic E&S studies in the energy sector.

Managing environmental risks is key in the energy sector, both in daily operations and new investments. Juru has a strong track record in the sector, helping our clients throughout the project cycle, from planning through design, permitting, operation and management. To date, we have worked on demanding assignments in the thermal power, wind power, solar power, hydropower, battery storage and T&D projects.

Our process relies on the following:

  • Clear understanding of the intricate processes, standards and regulations underpinning EIA projects nationally and ESIA projects internationally;
  • Careful management of the expectations of clients, funders, government agencies, communities and other stakeholders;
  • Ability to mobilize local resources to ensure local relevance and realize the project’s socioeconomic benefits;
  • Constructive dialogue with regulatory authorities to ensure an appropriate scope and focus;
  • Public participation to strengthen projects and reduce potential impacts;
  • Improving bankability of projects seeking lender funding through a detailed understanding of lender requirements.

Key services

  • Environmental due diligence and audits
  • Land use assessment
  • Contaminated soil assessment
  • Air quality and noise modelling
  • Biodiversity impact assessment
  • Climate change risk assessment
  • Environmental & social impact assessment
  • Strategic environmental & social assessment
  • Environmental permitting
  • Environmental, health & safety (EHS) studies

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