About Us

Who We Are

We are a solution-oriented international consulting and engineering firm focused on the energy sector.

Juru Energy was founded in 2015 in the United Kingdom and Uzbekistan by Botir Gafurov. Since our establishment, we went from strength to strength, having worked on more than 60 high-profile assignments in the energy sector across 8 countries.

During this period, our Uzbekistan office grew into a leading engineering consultancy in the Central Asia region with unique indigenous capabilities for the region.

As of 2021, we employ 60 permanent staff who are highly experienced in implementation and management of our projects. In addition, we have over 40 associates from all over the world and in the countries that we operate, who complement our permanent staff.

We serve international development organizations, national governments, energy utilities, private and public corporations, project developers and investors.

We are Passionate about what we do. We are Performance-driven. We are People-oriented.

Key facts

Since establishment we have grown rapidly across all key KPIs.

  • Year of Formation2015
  • Headcount - FTE60
  • Headcount - all100
  • Countries worked8
  • Number of projects60

Our Approach

At the heart of any project we undertake is our 6-step Bottom-Up Approach.

At Juru, we believe in developing deep understanding of local conditions in any country we operate or any project we undertake. For this purpose, we often hire a national of the country in question on a full-time basis or under a fixed term contract. In this manner, through our extensive local associates we gain close understanding of local specifics.

We carefully analyze any information or document publicly available in relation to the project. Such material can be in the form of Terms of Reference, Request for Proposal, and any other relevant existing material or studies. Typically, we also conduct a Fact-Finding Mission to the project country or site to meet with representatives of the Client in order to gain better understanding of the project requirements.

Once we develop a good understanding of the project requirements, we work on devising a pragmatic methodology to deliver the assignment. For any project, we aim to propose a sound methodology that takes into account typical local conditions in addition to the project requirements.

For any project, it is crucial to have a feasible Work Plan, as it is a key document that will drive our work. Therefore, we will prepare such Work Plan ensuring that it is a well-thought through and actionable document. Once the project is underway, Work Plan will periodically be updated to reflect the actual status of the project.

This phase is the culmination of our efforts in the overall project cycle. By this phase, we understand the project requirements very well and have a clear implementation plan. We dedicate sufficient resources to each of our projects to ensure that we are able to respond to planned and unplanned project developments. We also make sure that the project is supported by a strong backstopping team.

We take on our projects with great commitment to its stated goals. We have internal processes set up to monitor the project progress continuously. For each assignment, we designate a specific person as a Quality Assurance Manager. We also regularly seek Client feedback on our performance and adjust our approach should there be a need. Quality Assurance Manager will monitor the overall assignment and be available for troubleshooting.

Commitment to High Standards

We set high standards in the way we run our firm and are committed to operate in a sustainable manner.

  • Quality


    We are committed to deliver our services to high international standards. We are not ISO certified but we have robust internal processes.

  • Health, Safety & Security

    Health, Safety & Security

    We take all reasonable measures to minimize HSS risks and make available to our staff and experts suitable financial and technical resources.

  • Environment


    We incorporate environmental considerations in all areas of our activities, be it internal operations or Client work.

  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    We carry out our operations ethically recognising the economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities on society.

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